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Voyeurism is participation

Voyeurism is participation is a favourite phrase of mine coined by the inimitable Mx JustinVivian Bond in the delicious film Shortbus.

I am a shameless hussy of a voyeur! There I said it!

A few years ago I attended a very sexy and playful event/party in London called ‘Night of the Senses’. There I had the opportunity to feast my eyes on all manner of eye candy. My senses where most definitely heightened as I moved around the venue’s various spaces and tucked away places. Taking in the variety of guests and ease in which everyone mingled. A highlight for me was the Dark Room. It wasn’t like any dark room i’d come across before … oh no…. this was a sensory delight of a dark room. I entered it scantily clad with an open mind and with 3 others – two men who I’d made the acquaintance of that night and my female companion. Once inside the room I acclimatised quickly, taking in the sounds and smells around me. Within seconds of entering I felt fingers reaching out touching. I liked.  A lot.  I stayed with my party and we enjoyed the pleasure the darkness afforded us as we ourselves explored delights of the flesh. Voyeuristically, I confess, I could see that which I took in my mouth but not those who’s probing fingers attempted to explore me. It was pure excitement. Thrilling and stimulating. Never before had darkness held such appeal as it did that night.

I digress… voyeurism is the topic I want to explore here. At that event I watched through peep holes that which I’d seen many times in film and magazines but never in the flesh. I watched sex, whipping, touching, sucking, subs and doms,  kissing, spanking, eroticism in all its shades. I watched with fever.  Later as I walked down a narrow corridor my eyes fell upon a delicious threesome. The sexy participants clearly comfortable with those of us who indulged in watching their play. Ahh the pleasure of voyeurism. I felt as much a participant as they for as I watched I was absorbed in the ecstasy of the moment. Their bliss was mine. It tantalised me in so many ways. The ritual of watching another/others all consuming. I found it intensely erotic.

I felt I had arrived in my utopia that night. My body was wired. I felt turned on and turned inside out.  I lustfully explored the many nooks and crannies on offer in this playground to be relished, and relish I did.

That night I took a sublime journey of self discovery, pleasure and experienced the most exquisite sense of freedom to just be. I came away satiated, yet …never more hungry for more. Much more.

On a closing note I find the quote by Henry David Thoreau below worthy of inclusion here;

‘the question is not what you look at, but what you see’

I think it fits in well with the theme of voyeurism. … for me it’s all about what I see not what I’m looking at. What do I see when I watch others? I see connection, beauty, lust, adoration, desire and hunger. I see that which can captivate and consume me. Something real. Something hot. Something that my voyeuristic tendencies soak up. I see all that I am in that rare and beautiful moment.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x


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