Project Erotic

– naughty musings –

Inside of me

for those kisses… your lips

the dance commences
with gentle playfulness

before unleashing
and passion

surrendering to it

eyes closed
I see you

your skin
under my fingertips
burns hot

your bottom lip… I suck
once more

I feel
the (our) fire
and tremble


desire seizes
    and boldly

and yet
does it (do you) taste
in my mouth

on my skin

inside of me

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x


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4 thoughts on “Inside of me

  1. Charles Walker on said:

    A Sunday treat; religiously explored and raven found; a delightful photograph too. One of your muses? x

  2. Yes, a rather delightful muse I recently had the pleasure of photographing.

  3. Charles Walker on said:

    Just photographing; it seems such a shame to restrict. You captured a real moment in her delight


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