Project Erotic

– naughty musings –



His body


Sprawled decadently across the bed
My eyes
drinking the enticing vision
as I swallow hard
with acute awareness and attentiveness

I stand at the foot of the bed
fully clothed
My voyeuristic self intoxicated
by the scene laid out before me

The promise
of his flesh meeting mine

The promise
of hot wet kisses and tongues entwined

The promise
of his cock filling me….
and its juice wetting my lips as I take him slowly
in my mouth.

The nuances of his handsome frame
flickering like old movie film
as my vision softens
and my body pulls me closer to his.

My dress removed
My nakedness meeting his
as I lay down
on him

My eyes upon his
My breasts upon his chest
Our feet entangled
The gentle thrust of my hips
speaking to him

Kissing his neck
Inhaling all of him
His scent filling my senses

until there is no separation
only union


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