Project Erotic

– naughty musings –

The Hunger (pt 1)

When our mouths finally met and I felt your tongue inside me

 I closed my eyes wanting to truly experience you,

inhaling the hot wetness of your invited invasion of me.

Minutes before his planned arrival she gave instructions for him to locate a key and let himself in, which he did. Once inside he adjusted to the darkness assisted by a single candle placed on a step in the direction of her dimly lit bedroom/boudoir.

She lay provocatively on the bed eager to entice. Eyes closed. Scantily clad in a short black chemise, black stockings and sheer black knickers. Her coat discarded on the bed partially covering her nakedness. Her black heels tossed at the foot of the bed to complete the scene.

He moved quietly so as not to alert her to his presence, but she was only too aware and was silently in wait of him. She had longed for this moment and finally he was here in her lair. At first his breath on her neck… then came teasing words that made her body stir in anticipation of what lay ahead.

I’m going to tease you mercilessly…. I’m going to feast on you…
He whispered in her ear

As she heard these words the desire was never greater and she struggled to stop herself from turning around, pressing her body onto his and kissing him hard. She was in a state of unprecedented lust. It/he was driving her wild.

He sat on the bed leaning over her, his hands and eyes tracing the outline of her body. Taking in the texture of the fabric draping over her curvaceous figure and the smoothness of her freshly bathed and scented body. He was hungry for her. He had been imagining and desiring this for days, as had she. They had had frenzied lustful wordplay tormenting one another with descriptive images and scenes of naughtiness, but the words were not enough. Never enough. Simply the precursor.

She couldn’t contain the moan that slipped between her lips nor could she stop her body from its dance of desire.

He wanted her. He wanted to taste her and to be deep inside her. He finally relented to his animalistic craving and he pulled her into him, their eyes locked momentarily then the fleeting brushing of lips.. her tongue finding its way into his mouth, sucking his lower lip, expressing her hunger for him in the only way she knew.

His hand now on her. Feeling her heat. Feeling her hunger (and his own) and seized by her need to be touched, tasted, explored and enjoyed. He had waited long enough. The pull to be between her thighs to take in her beautiful and inviting pussy was too great… and while his eyes feasted, the teasing continued, with his fingers. She was beside herself, a place of such intoxication and headiness so soon. And then….the tip of his tongue was on her. The thrill of that first touch was electric. She swallowed hard as her breathing became heavier and her longing greater. He drank from her, giddy with the scent and wetness of her, and telling her so, before he pressed his mouth onto hers, her juice on him, now on her tongue and her lips, they savored the flavour of their shared lust.

– to be continued –

until the next time,

naughty nic x


Melting point

man-ray-photography-as-art-ingres-violinI am at the mercy of you… as you find your way into my body. Penetrating me with your intense vibration.  My surrender to you has the flavour and texture of laced honey. I am forever craving to be reached, held, moved, fed and touched in my deepest recesses.

I willingly relinquish all control to it… to you, as you speak in tongues you dismantle me.

I am with ears that never tire of your sumptuous sound. I bathe in you. Each lingering rhythmic note clings to my being. Volcanic and tidal you sweep across my landscape as I inhale you. Your snakelike movement around my body has me move hypnotically with you. to you.

You are a lover I never wish to part with . Yet time and time again I must.

I swallow and you ease down inside me. Finding that place nestled between being content and desirous. I lose myself again and again and still your taste remains in my mouth and stains my lips. It can be no other way.

Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.  ~Anais Nin

Music, my lover
My drug of choice

 Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x


Inside of me

for those kisses… your lips

the dance commences
with gentle playfulness

before unleashing
and passion

surrendering to it

eyes closed
I see you

your skin
under my fingertips
burns hot

your bottom lip… I suck
once more

I feel
the (our) fire
and tremble


desire seizes
    and boldly

and yet
does it (do you) taste
in my mouth

on my skin

inside of me

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x

A taste of bliss

 What if…

we were to meet in a virtual land late one night… 

A place where  mutual curiosity was aroused and intrigue established between us unexpectedly.

What if one of us decided that textual intercourse was merely the aperitif

and that our voices needed to meet… and speak erotic musings…


A car drove by,  was it him?. Was he really on my street? The tantalising messages continued as he parked. He stepped on to the road, and so began his search for me, the woman who had tapped into and awoken something rampant inside him. Something that had us both in a state of wanton desire.

His street walking turned into a voyeuristic delight for me as the onlooker. The moment I actually laid eyes on him I felt a surge of excitement course through me. This man, who had a way with words, was to be enjoyed, relished, delighted in and most certainly played with.

He continued his attempt to locate me at street level.  Meanwhile I remained hidden from sight, covertly positioned. Intent on seeing but not being seen. Not immediately. Being the voyeur. Stalking the stalker. Teasing myself as much as him in this game we had spontaneously created for our mutual delectation.

He continued, with tenacious enthusiasm, to seek me. I called him… telling him he was in my sight… the awareness of our close proximity fuelled my desire. I felt my body responding to the excitement of the experience we shared in that brief, yet lingering moment. The anticipation of the unknowable and unknown. Anticipation of how we would find one another. And then…the deliciousness of his eyes finally falling upon me on this dark night behind a sheer blind – he seeing an outline of me only. Phones in hand and words falling from our mouths loaded with tension… erotic and enticing.

I shamelessly and teasingly removed my shirt and stood there in a dimly red-lit room revealing only the outline of the soft curves of my breasts. He stood across the street looking up into my window. The tension building… mounting and then in the midst of teasing his phone cut out. I watched him momentarily, shielded, yet seen… our telephonic communication cut short. Unable to continue with words that were destined to slide off his phone and molest his mind. I did what had to be done.

I covered my nakedness and I took myself down the stairs that would take me to him… I felt a tremor in my body. Was it the cold against my skin or was it the strong draw of this man and the effect his voice and words had on me. Oh Yessss. His voice. The pauses that punctuated his, at times, salacious expression had me hot and wanting. His was a voice that reached deep inside me… that had me biting my lower lip in anticipation. That had me want to tease and be teased. That had awoken my senses in new ways. That had me lingering in delicious naughty imaginings.

Our bodies made contact. A powerful and potent union of two passionate, like minded people. It marked the beginning of a journey both wanted yet didn’t expect to uncover. His hands followed the curves of my waist and hips. I sensed he liked. Meanwhile I found my hands on his shoulders and back pulling him towards me… removing space from between us. My face against his. Close. His breath on my neck. His scent intoxicating me.

When our lips met the eroticism was utterly palpable and I felt a shiver of longing yet wanted not to go beyond.  The promise of what was ahead made for sweet torture. It was as though a feast was before me and I wanted to savour every single bite. In the moment our lips brushed I felt satiated beyond belief. They were no ordinary kisses. To me they were a taste of bliss. The flavour of high eroticism indelibly tattooed in every pore.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x

Voyeurism is participation

Voyeurism is participation is a favourite phrase of mine coined by the inimitable Mx JustinVivian Bond in the delicious film Shortbus.

I am a shameless hussy of a voyeur! There I said it!

A few years ago I attended a very sexy and playful event/party in London called ‘Night of the Senses’. There I had the opportunity to feast my eyes on all manner of eye candy. My senses where most definitely heightened as I moved around the venue’s various spaces and tucked away places. Taking in the variety of guests and ease in which everyone mingled. A highlight for me was the Dark Room. It wasn’t like any dark room i’d come across before … oh no…. this was a sensory delight of a dark room. I entered it scantily clad with an open mind and with 3 others – two men who I’d made the acquaintance of that night and my female companion. Once inside the room I acclimatised quickly, taking in the sounds and smells around me. Within seconds of entering I felt fingers reaching out touching. I liked.  A lot.  I stayed with my party and we enjoyed the pleasure the darkness afforded us as we ourselves explored delights of the flesh. Voyeuristically, I confess, I could see that which I took in my mouth but not those who’s probing fingers attempted to explore me. It was pure excitement. Thrilling and stimulating. Never before had darkness held such appeal as it did that night.

I digress… voyeurism is the topic I want to explore here. At that event I watched through peep holes that which I’d seen many times in film and magazines but never in the flesh. I watched sex, whipping, touching, sucking, subs and doms,  kissing, spanking, eroticism in all its shades. I watched with fever.  Later as I walked down a narrow corridor my eyes fell upon a delicious threesome. The sexy participants clearly comfortable with those of us who indulged in watching their play. Ahh the pleasure of voyeurism. I felt as much a participant as they for as I watched I was absorbed in the ecstasy of the moment. Their bliss was mine. It tantalised me in so many ways. The ritual of watching another/others all consuming. I found it intensely erotic.

I felt I had arrived in my utopia that night. My body was wired. I felt turned on and turned inside out.  I lustfully explored the many nooks and crannies on offer in this playground to be relished, and relish I did.

That night I took a sublime journey of self discovery, pleasure and experienced the most exquisite sense of freedom to just be. I came away satiated, yet …never more hungry for more. Much more.

On a closing note I find the quote by Henry David Thoreau below worthy of inclusion here;

‘the question is not what you look at, but what you see’

I think it fits in well with the theme of voyeurism. … for me it’s all about what I see not what I’m looking at. What do I see when I watch others? I see connection, beauty, lust, adoration, desire and hunger. I see that which can captivate and consume me. Something real. Something hot. Something that my voyeuristic tendencies soak up. I see all that I am in that rare and beautiful moment.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x

Whetting my appetite

Blatant desire. I want to rip his shirt off and feel his chest, his skin, under my fingers. Then on me, pressed against my body. I want to take in, and to taste, the scent of him, lick his delectable lips before I suck them. I want to kiss him and get lost in the hunger inside of me. I want to lower my mouth to his nipple, tug playfully with my teeth then circle teasingly with my hot wet tongue. . I want to feel the nuances of his body and take them in with soft sensual gaze . To want to trace his markings/tattoos with my fingers, lips and tongue. I want to study his body in subdued naughty red lighting while he watches me taking him in. Kiss. Ravish. I want to take photos with the lens of my eyes to enjoy later. I want to cuff him to the bed and torment him, then embrace his liberated hardness and hunger. Entangled thrusts. Naughty spooning. Sated. Sleep.

I want stand behind her, my hot breath and tongue on her neck. Face her and hold her close to my breast… my fingers in her hair tracing the outline of her face, her lips. I want to breathe in her essence and feel intoxicated by it. Lose myself in the pools of her dreamy hungry eyes. I want to kiss her hard, passionately then slowly and deeply for hours. I want to watch her undress before me as I take her in. I want to be blindfolded and use my hands as my eyes and explore her body. Her curves. I want to reach in and touch her inside and out.  I want to hear her breathing deepen. I want to feel my body responding to hers and her writhe under the touch of my tongue. I want to be consumed by my longing for her, exploring her with my hungry mouth and hands. Enter her as a man might. Fall asleep kissing and entwined.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x

Let’s be Frank…

I think it’s fair to say that “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” played a pivotal role in my awakening and subsequent erotic journey. I was a mere slip of a girl the first time I laid eyes on a certain sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania in the mid 80’s and boy did it leave its mark on me. The themes tattooed in my subconscious and the fallout further colouring my already surreal take on the word and the people around me.

My eyes were fastened to the big screen as i feasted on the many intriguing, exciting and stimulating delights that I had never, in my wildest dreams, had the pleasure of seeing before. It was truly a feast of the senses. As for the delectable Frank ‘n’ Furter, I was mesmerised and, I think it’s fair to say, I was shivering with antici…. pation. Sexuality had never been so erotically charged as it was for me that night and I found myself desiring to find my very own Frank (and Magenta)… but more on that another time.

I came away hungry for more, feeling affected, very distracted and forever changed. A quote from the film ‘Henry and June’ comes to mind…

“Be careful Anais, abnormal pleasures kill the taste for normal ones”

I can’t help but wonder if this was the opening/beginning/releasing of the bold and brazen woman before you. I may of course be giving far too much credit to a film, but I am a great lover of moving pictures and many, I feel, have left their indelible mark on me, Henry and June included.

Project Erotic is all about tapping into the flavours and themes such as those covered in these films, in part, because they have formed and fed me (and continue to) and also because I am, unabashedly, a seeker of naughtiness and sensory penetration.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic


Watch this space!

After years of writing, drawing, dreaming and indulging my senses i find myself here ready to share this part of my journey with you, the reader.

I am in the throws of some of the most emotionally, sexually, spiritually satisfying and exploratory months of my life (to date). I’ll start the story here today in brief but will no doubt cast my thoughts/words back to many an escapade of yesterdays along the road ahead.

To bring you up to speed a little on who i am I would say i’m a woman in my prime (which of course could mean any age!) who quite recently decided to embark on a pleasure seeking journey with the male of the species. This, i hasten to add, is after spending many years in and out of relationships with women for the most part. That said, for me sexuality is fluid, and so I identify as bisexual, in the truest sense of the word.

I have recently embarked on an erotic photography project (for which i am currently seeking models). I will be using this blog in part to share how that unfolds as it will play a major role in my life in the coming months. The project is something i have wanted to do for some time and now I am taking it on! Those there are fighting words!

I like to think I’m wired for naughty things. From the moment i found ‘The Joy of Sex’ on my parents bookshelf as a child i have had a fascination for all things erotic.. and my life has been punctuated by my exploration of it in many forms. I am an avid fan of Victorian erotic photography and Tom of Finland amongst others. I am also someone who delights in a good wordsmith. Words, image, art, music and sensual delights reach a part of me that seeks to be sated. These are, at times, much treasured and profound experiences, some of which, i intend to share here.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x

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