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The Feast


Captive, was this wild animal,

but never more free 

She entered the zoo as a predatory and prowling leopardess.  With smoky masked eyes she took in the landscape; stopping to admire the range of exotic animals that had come to feast, as she had.

The night sky beckoned and with poise she moved her supple frame to a watering hole, quenching her thirst and taking a lingering look around the sexy zoo she found herself in.

Captivated she was by a fierce and voluptuous Amazonian covering herself in hot wax in a sexually charged thunder.  As she looked on she felt the light touch of another and turned to see a familiar aquatic creature standing before her. It was with him she ventured into the dungeon for some tantalising bare bottom hand spanking, over a barrel, by two playful women who’s hands caressed and bit into her bared flesh. She left flushed but found some comfort in placing her paws on her crimson cheeks… that had her shudder in warm delight.

With their freshly spanked bottoms the two of them took themselves into an adjoining enclosure where, upon entering, darkness enveloped them; acclimatising they found themselves alone. They embraced and began to touch one another exploratively. She felt her body softening between shudders of pleasure as he feasted on her heaving bosom.  The deserted landscape they’d entered was no more as other animals gathered around them watching from the shadows, in voyeuristic delight before moving closer…  then under the dimmest of light, she caught sight of some ten or so creatures surrounding the two of them.  Boldly they reached out to touch, kiss and participate in their shared ecstasy… and as the heat rose she found herself breathlessly aroused and at times overwhelmed by the hunger of the animals who had entered to feed their voyeuristic and participative appetites with eyes, hands and mouths aplenty.

It was feeding time at the zoo and the animals were ravenous, they were.

The heat of the heaving testosterone-fuelled orgy was palpable as was her excitement of standing in the arms of her amphibious companion who continued his caress from behind as the others devoured what flesh was made available to them. Her senses enticingly roused.

There came a point at which she extricated  herself from the darken room as the wave of hunger was reaching fever pitch and her pleasure for this sensory delight had been indulged.  She wanted to leave on a high and so she did with an appreciative purr.

Exhaling as she emerged from darkness to light she found herself giddy with pleasure and almost immediately was in the arms of a creature, smooth as a snake, who’s lips she knew. She was carried away by her innate leopardess lust as his lips met hers, she felt the pull to continue.  With whispered words he led her to a more secluded area at the far end of the enclosure. They entered to the enchanting and surreal sound of a minstrel playing a stringed instrument, the notes of which caressed its occupants, an assortment of creatures in varying states of undress, engaging in erotic pursuits and pleasures. Here, in the heaving dusk, their bodies writhed at a lustful yet considered pace… her paws on him as he explored her hot, wet depths.

The surrounding animals came and went and before long they found themselves alongside a very sexy coupling; of fur and feather variety. She watched at first with eyes enraptured by the grace and beauty of the feathered creature beside her as she straddled her generously engorged, captive and collared bear. The movement of this lithe creature was intoxicating and she found her attention diverted from the snake like creature beside her as she dared to touch the gorgeous bottom before her as it rose and sank in slow rhythmic motion. With slow and delicate touch her paws outlined the beautiful shape of the ravishing creature while her body continued to be explored by the creature she had entered the liar with.

There, lying beside the leopardess was something she greatly desired.

It wasn’t long before the hand of the virile sexy bear found the leopardess amplifying the delight she was experiencing. The leopardesses’ rapture was all consuming and touches lead to her tongue tasting the exotic goddesses’ silky skin… breasts…nipples…and her neck, that beckoned to be licked, kissed and bit playfully. And so she did and then… their lips met and they kissed. Her taste, her soft lips and sensual tongue…. a moment of pure unadulterated passion and desire erupting inside of her. The pace picked up as the object of her desire continued to ride the bear until the first of many audible/physical releases of ecstasy was expressed.

Invited, she was, to join in and so began blissful and intimate erotic play as they shared themselves with one another. The waves of bliss crashing around them and within them. With deep slow thrusts, hypnotic hips, heavenly moans and electric shudders the animals continued until they collapsed in satiated exhaustion.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic



A seeker of sensory stimulation

In just a few days I will be heading to Night of the Senses, an event that truly celebrates eroticism in all its wondrous shades. It is an erotic party for which I am feeling feverish anticipation; tantalised on many levels and, at which, am given the opportunity to freely express myself as i choose to. It is a night where carnal delights are shared/offered be it in a participatory or voyeuristic manner and I, for one, am desirous of indulging my senses in such an environment.

Talking of indulgences; I consider myself to be fortunate to have the freedom to live the life i choose.  A kind of liberty that some may crave but don’t have the opportunity to experience beyond of their imagination (that said imagination can be a very fertile playground – and certainly one I enjoy). For me it is about allowing time for play; to experiment with aspects of myself that want to be expressed and experienced. A voyage of self discovery should, in my opinion, be a life long journey.

This much I know; I am a woman who desires to fully experience and embrace physicality and sensuality. A woman who craves for the essence of her femininity, and, at times, masculine energy, to be given a platform to thrive in it’s self expression. I am, as I have stated before, a lover… of all things naughty, but I am also much more, and it is here that I’m inclined to reveal both aspects; to slowly dismantle myself with candor and openness, playfully.

I have a Frank Herbert quote on my wall that reads;

Seek freedom and become captive to your desires
Seek discipline and find your liberty

It is a quote I revisit time and time again, each time questioning my comprehension of it. It does challenge me to consider my objectives in living the life I do. It has me want to delve deep inside myself – to the part that is without ego. It’s a simple but somewhat complex idea that has me want… to really touch the edges of myself; the parts that hunger for a deeper understanding of this particular human condition ((desire)) as I see/experience it.

I’m supposing that the black silk scarf above my bed that reads;

Freedom is deciding who’s slave you want to be

fits rather appropriately into this ongoing enquiry of mine nestling, unapologetically, next to the Herbert quote in a way that brings a cheeky smile to me i confess! I’ve always liked the idea that we are the creators of our life and only we can determine the meaning of such things as freedom. If desire is in fact my captor and I its slave then am I truly the libertine I consider myself to be? It’s a question I like to sit with and, to some extent, play with on this journey of mine.

And what of desire? Is it meaningless lust?  or is it something more innate? a pull; a connection that we get drawn (in) to in an increasingly detached and disconnected world. It is in recognition of this, and my curiosity, that I have been drawn to tantra to explore these themes that fascinate me so.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x

Voyeurism is participation

Voyeurism is participation is a favourite phrase of mine coined by the inimitable Mx JustinVivian Bond in the delicious film Shortbus.

I am a shameless hussy of a voyeur! There I said it!

A few years ago I attended a very sexy and playful event/party in London called ‘Night of the Senses’. There I had the opportunity to feast my eyes on all manner of eye candy. My senses where most definitely heightened as I moved around the venue’s various spaces and tucked away places. Taking in the variety of guests and ease in which everyone mingled. A highlight for me was the Dark Room. It wasn’t like any dark room i’d come across before … oh no…. this was a sensory delight of a dark room. I entered it scantily clad with an open mind and with 3 others – two men who I’d made the acquaintance of that night and my female companion. Once inside the room I acclimatised quickly, taking in the sounds and smells around me. Within seconds of entering I felt fingers reaching out touching. I liked.  A lot.  I stayed with my party and we enjoyed the pleasure the darkness afforded us as we ourselves explored delights of the flesh. Voyeuristically, I confess, I could see that which I took in my mouth but not those who’s probing fingers attempted to explore me. It was pure excitement. Thrilling and stimulating. Never before had darkness held such appeal as it did that night.

I digress… voyeurism is the topic I want to explore here. At that event I watched through peep holes that which I’d seen many times in film and magazines but never in the flesh. I watched sex, whipping, touching, sucking, subs and doms,  kissing, spanking, eroticism in all its shades. I watched with fever.  Later as I walked down a narrow corridor my eyes fell upon a delicious threesome. The sexy participants clearly comfortable with those of us who indulged in watching their play. Ahh the pleasure of voyeurism. I felt as much a participant as they for as I watched I was absorbed in the ecstasy of the moment. Their bliss was mine. It tantalised me in so many ways. The ritual of watching another/others all consuming. I found it intensely erotic.

I felt I had arrived in my utopia that night. My body was wired. I felt turned on and turned inside out.  I lustfully explored the many nooks and crannies on offer in this playground to be relished, and relish I did.

That night I took a sublime journey of self discovery, pleasure and experienced the most exquisite sense of freedom to just be. I came away satiated, yet …never more hungry for more. Much more.

On a closing note I find the quote by Henry David Thoreau below worthy of inclusion here;

‘the question is not what you look at, but what you see’

I think it fits in well with the theme of voyeurism. … for me it’s all about what I see not what I’m looking at. What do I see when I watch others? I see connection, beauty, lust, adoration, desire and hunger. I see that which can captivate and consume me. Something real. Something hot. Something that my voyeuristic tendencies soak up. I see all that I am in that rare and beautiful moment.

Until the next time,

Naughty Nic x

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